RME DB20 Mayhem 7/11/08

[ Postscript 7/13/08 - With the help of Boatanchors list members this case is closed.  Turned out just the on-off switch was bad, and the line cord was indeed wired correctly.  Added an inline fuse, and the DB20 works ! ]

I originally posted about these DB20s 10 years ago

Well, I'm digging through the backlog of projects and started in on this one.

Woops !  When I took the cover off, I spotted the black soot by the power switch, but plugged it in anyway (with the power switch turned off).  POOF !  Big cloud of smoke and snap-crackle, and what had been left of the power switch vaporised. 

Someone had replaced the line cord with a 3-wire one. 

White to power transformer, green to ground, black to the power switch (and return wire from power switch back to the transformer)